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The PAYNOCOMMISSION.COM Private Policy shows you how we use your information, and in what manners are you protected. It applies to all
users globally. For the purpose of this Private Policy, PAYNOCOMMISSION.COM will be referred to as PNC from this point onwards:.
When asking you to log in or register:
PNC initially requires you to register a valid email address for the purpose of sending you notifications from interested buyers through the PNC emailing services. This information is stored in the PNC database and not revealed to any third parties without your permission. If you choose to stay anonymous and not list your email address publicly, then you will be contacted only by PNC to notify you of interested third parties.
When giving you the option of registering your contact information:
PNC does not require your contact information in the case you wish to be contacted by a PNC email only. In cases where you do not mind being contacted by phone, or emailed directly by third parties, then your contact information is shown publicly. Remember you can choose how to be contacted (by phone only, by email only, by PNC only, or all). In the case where you choose to display your email and phone contacts, PNC is no more held liable for any consequences which arise due to the public display of your contact information. If you wish to keep any contact information private, PNC gives you an option to do so.
Data storage or collection:
PNC does not store credit card information. Such information is taken only for the purpose of making payments, and deleted immediately after a successful transaction has been completed.
Any contact or personal information that PNC stores is strictly for the purpose of maintaining your account, sending you notifications,
authenticating your account, and NOT for the purpose of marketing to third parties. Please remember PNC is a platform to list and search
properties, and that all financial transactions between sellers and buyers are done privately, and away from PNC's knowledge, surveillance
and liability.
PNC collects any data which it finds necessary in order to maintain your account. Such information is held private in the PNC database until
otherwise stated by you. Once again, if you wish to keep your contact information private from the public, PNC guarantees you anonymity. PNC does not have any access to passwords.
Your privacy depends more on you than us. Stay as private as you wish.


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